Professional chainsaw sharpener equipment for your need

What do you usually use to sharpen your chainsaw? As a professional working with lumber, it is highly recommended that you have a highly efficient chainsaw. If your chainsaw has dull teeth, then that is one reason why you are not making the most out of your efforts.

Working with an unsharpened chainsaw does not only waste your time but is also quite dangerous to you as an operator. Some of the kickback-related incidences are due to blunt teeth. Therefore it is a safety precaution and also helps increase the lifespan of the chain and other relevant parts.

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Professional chainsaw sharpener equipment

The General Operation of a Chainsaw Sharpener

There are two main types of chainsaw sharpeners, and both work quite differently from each other. A manual chainsaw sharpener comprise of a hand-held file, a guide and a depth gauge. The guide is used to direct the movement of the file during sharpening. The depth gauge, on the other hand, is used to make sure that the teeth remain in a consistent depth to allow for uniform cutting during operation.

Another type of chainsaw sharpeners is electric, and they are further divided into two categories. A bench sharpener is fixed in one place, usually on a workbench. With this sharpener, all you need to do is secure your chainsaw in a good position then turn the motor on. Ensure that all the teeth are sharpened uniformly.

A handheld electric chainsaw sharpener, however, is portable and one operates it by moving the device over the cutters. That said, you should know which one of these categories is the best for you as a professional lumberjack. Based on experience, I would recommend using a bench sharpener. One of the main reasons is accuracy. For any professional chainsaw, you will need an accurate sharpener to avoid messing things up and having an ineffective tool when work calls. Besides, using a handheld chainsaw is quite risky for your hands (you should, therefore, wear gloves)

Which is the Best Professional Chainsaw Sharpener?

If you go to the store hunting for a professional chainsaw sharpener, you will find a variety of them. There are several models of this tool, but not all of them will do the trick for a chainsaw that is regularly in operation. The main factors you should consider while buying a new sharpener include angle accuracy, depth gauges, and flexibility. Here are some of the best chainsaw sharpeners for a professional in the industry. Stop guessing and pick the right one from the list below.

OrangeA Electric Sharpener

OrangeA Electric Sharpener

As a professional chainsaw operator, you should always look for the best accessory tools. The OrangeA provides you with pretty much everything you need from a sharpener. It is specifically designed for professional users. You can either mount it on a stable bench or the wall. Just find a perfect position and set the equipment. OrangeA comes fitted with a motor that runs at a speed of up to 3,000 RPM. As such, it works with almost any size chain size. The downside, however, may well be its price. If you are on the lookout for a pocket-friendly chainsaw sharpener, then this might not be ideal for you, especially when it is intended for casual use.

Oregon 520-120

Oregon 520-120

Anyone who has been in this industry long enough knows that Oregon is one brand that never disappoints. Oregon 520-120 is yet another product that delivers as expected. This versatile tool can be used to sharpen blades of different sizes. It comes with inbuilt light and customizable settings to enhance your operation. The price, however, is in the range of $300, which could be quite expensive.

Co-Z Electric

Co-Z Electric

This is a new addition in the sharpener market but has already made a mark. It is made from cast aluminium which promises durability. The reinforced hinges are also quite important to the performance of the sharpener. On top of it, it is also fitted with two grinding wheels.

Oregon 410-120

Oregon 410-120

The Oregon 410-120 is a wall or bench-mounted chainsaw teeth grinder. It could be your ideal choice if you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality sharpener. Some of the features that set it apart from others in the same category include the ease to modify and durability. Its rotor system is powered by 120V AC and is unidirectional. You can also adjust the grinding settings to depth gauge, low profile, or pitch chain grinding depending on what you need. Although it ticks all the boxes for a professional user, it should only be your option if you can’t the others mentioned in this article.

Timber Tuff CS-BMW

Timber Tuff CS-BMW

This list is not complete without Timber Tuff CS-BMW, one of the best currently in the market. This saw chain sharpener is driven by a 110-volt motor equipped with thermo-overload protection. As such, power will be cut off in case of any malfunction or electric shorts. What is impressive about Timber Tuff is that it can achieve up to 3,600 rpm, which makes it suitable for professional use with any chain size. It also has a built-in overhead light to enhance your operation.

In Conclusion…

As you can see, there are several models of chainsaw sharpeners available. The five selected above are currently our best picks and will guarantee you near-perfect output. Note that all of them can be used by any craftsman, but they are more suitable for professionals. OrangeA, for instance, might be quite expensive but it is an investment that you won’t regret.

Finally, as you may realise, all tools listed above are bench-mount electric sharpeners. recommend that you use this type of sharpeners because of their accuracy. Happy sharpening!

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