Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership proposal solicitation for FY2018

The Forest Service (FS) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are requesting proposals for funding consideration in fiscal year (FY) 2018 within the Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership (JCLRP). The intent of the partnership is to achieve measurable objectives through restoration projects that coordinate conservation activities on public and private lands. Projects funded will enable collaboration among the FS, NRCS, and many local, non-governmental, Tribal, and individual landowner stakeholders.

> See proposal template: FY18 JC LRP Template_080917

The objectives of JCLRP are to (1) reduce and mitigate wildfire threats to communities and landowners, (2) protect water quality and supply for communities and industry, and (3) improve habitat quality for at-risk or ecosystem surrogate species. This effort aligns with USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue’s vision for increased collaboration among Federal agencies and private partners to support America’s landowners with tools and assistance that improve their agricultural operations. The partnership also supports the Secretary’s principles for shared land stewardship, sustainability of valuable natural resources for America’s agricultural bounty, and continuous contributions to rural prosperity through creation of economic benefits for communities. These projects exemplify the shared stewardship model of working together with our partners to achieve these goals.

Proposals will be evaluated and selected based on their merit. The following criteria will be considered in selection:

  • Project is a priority to the State and region
  • Goals, deliverables, and desired outcomes are clearly stated
  • Project aligns with priorities of the NRCS and FS Chiefs
  • National Environmental Policy Act requirements are complete for work on public lands
  • Partner support and involvement (non-Federal contribution to the project will strengthen application)

Selected projects are designed to measurably improve the health and resiliency of forest and rangeland ecosystems while contributing to community benefits. Projects leverage technical and financial resources between agencies, and with our partners, to complete on-the-ground accomplishments across jurisdictional boundaries. Successful projects utilize this program to focus investment by both agencies within a 3-year period, and to coordinate and accelerate efforts within a shared landscape. The spatial and timing linkages of these projects enable cumulative impacts to be more beneficial and efficient.

Requirements for proposals submitted for FY 2018 funding consideration are as follows:

  1. Proposals must include two levels of signatures — local NRCS Conservationist and Forest Supervisor, with the concurrence of NRCS State Conservationist, State Forester, and FS Regional Forester.
  2. Proposals must include, at minimum, a combination of activities on private land, and national forest system, and/or State land.
  3. Proposed activities must include land treatments, and education, outreach, and/or coordination activities on public, State, Tribal, and/or private land.
  4. Projects may be up to 3-years in length; however allocations are made on an annual basis and there is no guarantee of funding in subsequent years.

Proposals should be completed by October 17, 2017, and submitted electronically to Luther Jones, NRCS, at Luther.Jones@wdc.usda.gol± and Clint Cross, FS, at The attachment provides the required proposal template format. An integrated evaluation of eligible proposals received will be completed by FS and NRCS at national headquarters in Washington, D. C. to initiate a limited number of additional projects in FY18. Selections will be announced by December 2017. An annual accomplishments report will be required of selected projects (further guidance will be provided).

For questions about JCLRP, or proposal submission, contact Luther Jones at (202) 690-3501, or email at, or contact Clint Cross at (202) 205-0995, or email at